How We Work

Our experts will accept  instructions from   Claimant / Defendant Solicitors and Insurance Companies.  We do not provide Expert reports for Litigant's in person.

To enquire of the availability of our experts and for more information with regard to estimated cost and turnaround time, please complete the enquiry form.  (link)

The enquiry form asks for details of the expert required, the type of report (short form or detailed), the nature of report (breach of duty and/or causation and/or condition and prognosis), whether an examination is required and the turnaround time. We will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours. 

We will provide you with the name, qualification and experience of the suggested expert.   Once a suitable expert is agreed, we ask for the following information to be supplied to us, at the address detailed on our contact us page:

  • Clearly paginated medical records.
  • GP and other relevant hospital records.
  • A CD Rom containing relevant radiology.
  • Any available and relevant complaint documentation.
  • Any available and relevant risk management documentation.
  • A clear instruction letter on the issues upon which an opinion is required.

An instruction letter with enclosures are then forwarded to the expert and the report forwarded to you in the timeframe agreed.  We will endeavour to comply with all time limits and in the event of any difficulty with this, you will be informed in advance.

All experts undertaking instructions for an independent expert report, will also attend any conferences with counsel, meetings with other experts, mediation and settlement meetings, trials necessary.  Individual charges will apply, which will include late cancellation charges.